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Waves of Grace

When a woman’s life is shattered by divorce and death, her plan crumbles and her faith is challenged. Tragic, crushing blows can destroy all sense of security and hope, and the questions swirl. Will I survive? How can I go on? Does God even care? 

In Waves of Grace, author Meredith Shave tells the story of the storms in her life when she was searching for a light in the darkness, sharing a testimony to God’s redeeming grace. After her seventeen-year marriage to her high school sweetheart dissolves, she further endures the pain of losing her mother to cancer and then the sudden death of her second husband.

With a mixture of scripture citations, inspiring devotions, and personal observations, Waves of Grace narrates how Shave leans into divine grace, learns to trust, and arrives at a place of healing. It offers a glimpse into the heart of a woman sustained by God’s faithfulness in keeping His promises, and it encourages others to grow deeper in their relationships with their savior.